Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Business as Usual"

 Police plant drugs on a homeless black woman to meet arrest quota.

You can see how practiced this activity is for them. 

No wonder why many police hate video cameras. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Police Quotas

They have a "performance expectation" guideline. They must have a certain amount of arrest and citations in a months time by a certain date. And if they do not meet the expectation of this guideline they loose benefits etc.....But they swear its not a Quota.

Below is a New Mexico's News Broadcast of the Police "Performance Expectation"

Police Quotas Documentary 

Police Selling Freedom for Cash

Police are after people trafficking large amounts of money, not to arrest these people, but to confiscate the money and let them go. They do this in order to allow the people to continue trafficking money and allow the police to continue confiscating the money. They say the reason why they confiscate the money and so not arrest the individuals is because it is not against the law to transport large amounts of cash. But it does put the individual under suspicion enough to take the cash. But they recommend to the individual to not give any information about the origin and remain silent. They then confiscate the cash and it goes into the account to pay the force who is hired to do these operations. I'm sure large amounts are given as employee bonuses to those who find large amounts of cash. So to the police, receiving the money is more important than targeting the drug or gun dealers to shut down their operation to make the streets safer. Just another example of downright corruption in the system. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Code of Silence

It is a well known fact that the police have an unwritten rule called the "Blue Code of Silence"

Officers frequently cover for each other. Allowing the officers free reign to terrorize the city they work in, act however they like, and suffer little to no repercussions. 

This behavior can easily categorize many police departments as domestic terrorist groups. But instead of the TSA focusing on these abusive officers they would rather frisk 7 year olds and elderly attempting to freely travel. Even Internal Affairs are manipulated into covering for these terrorist.

The results of this behavior reach far in our communities. Most of us feel safe driving down the road until the point that we see a police officer. At that point we start to feel in danger. Is this because we have something to hide? Some cases yes. But in most cases its because we have seen the crooked way of the police force and know that the officer has complete control of the outcome in our lifes. If they do not like how you look, how you respond to questions etc. they can simply give you a ticket that you cannot fight and are forced to pay(robbery) , plant drugs on you and arrest you which you also cannot fight, or just drag you out of the car and beat you near death and just claim you attacked them first and they were defending themselves.

Even in many cases were there were video of the officers attacking first, the Blue Code of Silence takes effect and you hear the statement "The officer acted within the scope of their authority"

More lives are effected every year from police corruption than victims of the 9/11 attack. 

Recently we all got to see the results of an officer making a stand and speaking out against another officer. His name was Chris Dorner. They tracked him down. Trapped him in a cabin, and burned him alive. Then of course....Lied about it even though they were caught on tape issuing the command to Burn it down while he was inside....

Blue Code of Silence Part 1

Blue Code of Silence Part 2

Friday, March 22, 2013

Filing a Complaint on a Abusive Police Officer is Often Met By More Abusive Officers.

It is the policy of 99% of the police departments that the citizens have the right to go to the police station and acquire a complaint form. This often is contested by the police and they refuse to cooperate with the citizen and become threatening to the citizen trying to deter them from filing a complaint. You are NOT required to give any information to the police about what your complaint is about before receiving the form. You are NOT required to identify yourself. If you decide not to identify yourself or tell them what the complaint is about this is NOT suspicious activity and does not justify an officer to detain or arrest an individual. But sadly  not telling the officer what the complaint is about or not identifying yourself raises contempt and makes officers aggressive. Often you hear the officers stating "You have to tell me what this is about before I give you a form, its going to go through me anyways" And statements like "Your really starting to piss me off now" trying to intimidate and scare the individual trying to make the complaint. Many officers think that a citizen has to do whatever they say and if you don't you are guilty of being non-compliant. An officer does not have the right to demand a citizen give up his lawful rights just because he wants them to. But too often if you do not give up your rights the officer will grow aggressive. Review these videos below and see how our officers of the law compose themselves when they do not realize they are being video taped. 

Undercover Investigation of Dallas Texas Police Department

Compilation of attempting to file a complaint on an abusive officer of the law.

John McAfee Official Blog of Belize Government Corruption

One of the more recent and interesting stories of government and police corruption is the story of John McAfee's Encounter with the Government of Belize. Belize is a country often traveled by american tourist on vacation. What the average American traveling to Belize encounters is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Love Dogs...But Have to Admit, a Video Camera is a Man's New Best Friend. 

In this video you will see a man go into a police station and simply ask how one would go about filing a complaint against a police officer. Though this is our right as a citizen, and 99% of police departments have a clear policy on how to file a complaint, often the citizen is met with lies, threats, abuse and arrest.

This particular police department is Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.