Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Code of Silence

It is a well known fact that the police have an unwritten rule called the "Blue Code of Silence"

Officers frequently cover for each other. Allowing the officers free reign to terrorize the city they work in, act however they like, and suffer little to no repercussions. 

This behavior can easily categorize many police departments as domestic terrorist groups. But instead of the TSA focusing on these abusive officers they would rather frisk 7 year olds and elderly attempting to freely travel. Even Internal Affairs are manipulated into covering for these terrorist.

The results of this behavior reach far in our communities. Most of us feel safe driving down the road until the point that we see a police officer. At that point we start to feel in danger. Is this because we have something to hide? Some cases yes. But in most cases its because we have seen the crooked way of the police force and know that the officer has complete control of the outcome in our lifes. If they do not like how you look, how you respond to questions etc. they can simply give you a ticket that you cannot fight and are forced to pay(robbery) , plant drugs on you and arrest you which you also cannot fight, or just drag you out of the car and beat you near death and just claim you attacked them first and they were defending themselves.

Even in many cases were there were video of the officers attacking first, the Blue Code of Silence takes effect and you hear the statement "The officer acted within the scope of their authority"

More lives are effected every year from police corruption than victims of the 9/11 attack. 

Recently we all got to see the results of an officer making a stand and speaking out against another officer. His name was Chris Dorner. They tracked him down. Trapped him in a cabin, and burned him alive. Then of course....Lied about it even though they were caught on tape issuing the command to Burn it down while he was inside....

Blue Code of Silence Part 1

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