Friday, March 22, 2013

John McAfee Official Blog of Belize Government Corruption

One of the more recent and interesting stories of government and police corruption is the story of John McAfee's Encounter with the Government of Belize. Belize is a country often traveled by american tourist on vacation. What the average American traveling to Belize encounters is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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If you venture away from the tourist area you will quickly see a land of poorly cared for citizens. The money that is fed into the country could easily be used to care for the people but instead is used for personal gain by the powers at be. The government of Belize is a billboard for corruption. This is one of many stories of the abuse of power in Belize. John McAfee attempted to help the people of Belize but this was not where the government wanted his money to be placed. And since John did not comply with the government he was put on the "Get the Gringo Shit List" Please visit John McAfee's Blog linked Below and start from the beginning. It is quite a long read but is a great and detailed journey of a government filled with corruption and one mans stand against it.

Along the way john has collected many followers and supporters. One of them has branched off to create an additional blog which complements John's Official Blog and gives the people a place to go to continue the conversation when John McAfee is between articles. They have also along the way earned themselves a abusive troll determined to hide in the shadows and never reveal his true identity and make outrageous claims  with no proof to back up what he says. And come to find out the troll is actually a man named Dean Kevin Stevens. I man wanted in the United States for Sex Crimes and is on the run from the police. Dean Kevin Stevens also known as Acapulco Kevin goes by many different names. But eventually, by his stupid comments and demeanor you can spot him quicker than Waldo. Visit WEB's Blog Linked below.

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