Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Police Selling Freedom for Cash

Police are after people trafficking large amounts of money, not to arrest these people, but to confiscate the money and let them go. They do this in order to allow the people to continue trafficking money and allow the police to continue confiscating the money. They say the reason why they confiscate the money and so not arrest the individuals is because it is not against the law to transport large amounts of cash. But it does put the individual under suspicion enough to take the cash. But they recommend to the individual to not give any information about the origin and remain silent. They then confiscate the cash and it goes into the account to pay the force who is hired to do these operations. I'm sure large amounts are given as employee bonuses to those who find large amounts of cash. So to the police, receiving the money is more important than targeting the drug or gun dealers to shut down their operation to make the streets safer. Just another example of downright corruption in the system. 

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